Results of the event series „Youth and Europe: Let’s start with culture!“

The series of events organised by the Franco-German Cultural Council (DFKR/HCCFA) „Youth and Europe: Let’s start with culture!“ brought together young creative people, cultural practitioners and people interested in culture from France, Germany and Poland for a trilateral exchange over several months in 2021 and 2022.

Concrete goals of the project were:

– to enable and deepen interdisciplinary dialogue and promote the formation of networks,

– to analyse the place and task of culture in the context of the current cross-societal challenges from the youth perspective and to determine the role of culture in the future of Europe and in overcoming the Covid 19 crisis.

– actively contribute to the conference on the future of Europe.

– interact with partners and further develop the role of the DFKR/HCCFA as an active driving force in European cooperation.

Together and in exchange with politicians, established figures from the cultural sector and experts from the German-French-Polish cooperation, the young participants developed proposals for an improved perception of cultural participation and the cultural and creative industries in general for the time after the Corona crisis.

We have summarised the results in a small brochure, which we are pleased to present to you herewith. The DFKR/HCCFA will incorporate the diverse ideas and suggestions of the young participants into its work and projects and assumes that they will also be enriching and implementable for others in the cultural sector. Please feel free to use them for your work!

We would like to thank all participants for their great commitment and all sponsors, without whom this project would not have been possible.

Please find here the brochure.

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